Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well, the car problems may not be as bad as I thought.
The other night I had my uncle drive it and he doesnt think its my transmission. He seems to think its either a filter or sensor that needs to be replaced. Or at least thats what we're hoping.
Tonight I'll be taking my car to my service guy and Wednesday he'll run the full diagnostic on it to see if thats the problem or if I'm starting to have issues with the transmission.
Best case scenario - $200 or less for the sensor or filter. If thats the issue, I'll just have it fixed and continue to save up for the new car that will inevitably be needed.
Worst case scenario - $2,000 for a new transmission. If thats the case, I'll just suck it up now and find a new car.
What does everyone think of the Honda Element?

In bigger news, Im taking my mom for her angiogram later this morning.
When she had her heart attack 3 years ago, she had 4 blockages - 2 major and 2 minor.
The 2 major blockages were cleared out with angioplasty. The Dr's determined that the 2 minor blockages wouldn't be able to be removed via angioplasty, but that they would require open heart surgery and that the open heart surgery would present a larger risk than the blockages themselves. My fear is that those 2 minor blockages have grown to present an issue large enough to require open heart surgery. Of course, this is just my fear talking. I'm hoping nothing that invasive will be required.
Also, I'll be getting to meet my moms new boyfriend today. I'll be grilling him while she's in having the angiogram done. My moms not the best judge of character when it comes to men. She's the type who tends to let the potential for romance cloud over everything else and with what I've heard of him, theres already at least one major red flag screaming in her face that she's over looking. I'll see what I can find out.
While grilling him I'll also be working on a new knitting project. Its going to be a felted bag for my mom. I'm not following a pattern this time, sort of designing it myself but it is heavily influenced by some of the felted bags I was working on last winter. I'm keeping track of the "pattern" I'm developing and if it turns out well, I'll write it up and post it here for everyone later.

On top of all of that, my mom found out this morning that my sister and her boyfriend are moving back from Oregon and their bus will be arriving today. Just in time to stress the hell out of my mom as soon as she gets home from the angiogram. perfect.
Just to give some background, my sister is a very high strung individual naturally and on top of that she has some addiction issues. She can be a lot to take sometimes. Hell, she's a lot to take most of the time.


Tara said...

Oh my! I hope it all goes smoother than anticipated.

Valerie said...

Do you have any GOOD news? ;)

Hope all goes well.

Maya said...

The Honda Element is awesome. Good mileage, lots of cargo space, easy to clean, great for camping trips.

I'll be thinking good thoughts for your Mom.

Come by the pub this evening, I'll buy you a beer!

Tanya Kristine said...

lordy. i think a new car might cheer you up!