Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Birthday Party & A TON of pics....

So, last night was myy friend Megans birthday party.
Heres the birthday girl.....

Megan - the birthday girl
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The costumes were great. The theme was TV shows and we had Punky Brewster, Star Trek, and Sex and the City among others.....

The Girls Have Arrived
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Jeremy (aka Samantha) a little closer up

sassy Jeremy
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Brett had the misfortune of sitting across from Jeremy when he uncrossed his legs....

Horrified Brett
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Heres Brett telling his fiance Kat that he's scarred for life from Jeremys Basic Instinct re-enactment.

Brett & Kat
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My friend Johnna,

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She started a trend amongst the girls at the party by trying on my shoes.....

Sexy Johnna
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After Johnna, was Celeste....

Sexy Celeste
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Celeste & Phil - theyre so cute!

Phil & Celeste - cute
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Erin, Jeremy & I midparty - his costume really disturbed a number of the guests...

the girls midparty
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maybe it was the 5 o'clock shadow that people found so disturbing...

Jeremy & I
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the group I spent most of the party hanging with, as you can see we've all had a few glasses of wine at this point...

Celeste Erin Jeremy Johnna & I
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Phil and I - after some more wine...

Phil & I
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The Sex & The City girls just before leaving the party.

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all in all it was a lot of fun, I had WAAAAY too much to drink, more than I have had in a long long long time.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

A little compulsive??

I've always had the tendency to be a wee bit compulsive. If I'm at the store & see something on sale, say a pair of shoes - I'll buy them, even if I have 25 pairs in my closet already. It doesnt matter because, I GOT A GOOD DEAL! If theres a cute top that I like & think looks good on me I'll buy it in 2 or 3 different colors.

I now know where I get it from.
A woman I like to call "THE LOLA", my Grandma.
She takes the cake in compulsive purchases of large quantities.
She shops at Costco weekly.
Her other favorite store is Kmart.
This week they have 12 packs of sodas on sale for something like $2.
The Lola went a little overboard....

A little compulsive??
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Yes, count it.... that is 25 12 packs of various flavors of soda.
Thats 300 cans.
300 cans of soda.
A bit much?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ok, so... I'm a big dork.

I drove into work today - a hellish 1 hour commute - and forgot that I scheduled the day off.
So, now I'm back home. Yes, I drove all the way back home.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not much to report here....

Well, there is some to report.
i did have a fun weekend, Saturday I went to SF with my lovely cousin Erin and her husband Jeremy.
We have a birthday party for a mutual friend to go to next weekend, and as always this friend has a theme to her birthday parties. This years theme.... sitcoms.
So, we've decided to go as the ladies from Sex and the City.
I shall be Carrie, Erin will be Charlotte, we're trying to talk our friend Barry into being Miranda, and Jeremy will be Samantha. So, when you're in need of a Samantha-esque outfit for a 6'2" size 14 shoe male where do you go but to SF? The outfit is spectacular and TRUST ME, there will be photos next week!

Sunday, I drove up to the Sierras and took some photos. I didnt really get anything notable up in the Sierras but came back to Sacramento that evening and got a couple of good shots in Capitol Park. Also, I must say that I do believe I was upstaged. My younger cousin Meghan, who is 13, came along with me and had some fun running around with my digital point & shoot snapping pictures and I believe she upstaged me.....

My shot of the statue of Father Junipero Serra...

Father Serra
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and then my baby cousin upstaged me by taking this shot of the Firefighters Memorial....

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

B&W Feet

So, I took photos of my little cousins for them to give to their mom for Mothers Day.
The picture that I previously posted of their feet I printed in Black & White for framing and have gotten a lot of compliments on it. Perhaps these compliments have gone to my head because I'm considering entering it in the State Fairs Fine Arts Competition.
I do agree that it is a cute photo, but is it really competition material?
When I was in elementary school a painting that I did won 2nd place in the State Fairs Fine Arts Juniors Exhibit, and I really don't think that the painting was that great - especially compared with some of the others that were there.

B&W Feet
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Is it competition material?

On another note.... I am in lust. With a digital camera. how sad is that?
It's not some hot guy at the local coffee house, but a piece of technology.
I want it.
I covet it.
It's so pretty.
Oh, to have the 8.0 megapixels, 14x total zoom range, manual AND auto exposure control, infrared illumination... oh, the beauty!!!

sony cyber shot
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Monday, May 16, 2005

ummm..... EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who are unaware, I have a phobia of public bathrooms. I will wait until the absolute last minute if I am faced with having to use a public bathroom in the hopes of being able to gain access to a non-public bathroom of some sorts. Or, at the very least, a non-nasty public bathroom. Like, a hotel bathroom, or a nicer department store bathroom. basically, any bathroom that is not a rest stop or gas station.
So, Saturday I was in Reno with some friends and we're walking down Virgina Street when I have to go to the bathroom. Bad. Cannot hold out any longer. However, theres a casino right there. Casinos are generally kept up decently, right?
Well, as soon as we walk into the bathroom, I felt uneasy.
It was like a rest stop bathroom in that there was toilet paper all over the floor, some of the stall door hinges were broken, etc. Actually, I've seen rest stop bathrooms that were better maintained.
Knowing that my phobia is completely irrational I talked myself into going into a stall rather than walking out (internal dialogue - I'm not so crazy that I talk outloud). I went into the stall & pulled out one of those butt protector sheets. As I pulled the sheet out...... BUGS FLEW OUT!!! THATS RIGHT. BUGS. FLEW. OUT. OF. THE. BUTT. SHEETS!!!!!


Somehow I managed to not have a fit in the middle of the bathroom.

Monday, May 09, 2005

a chicken eating vegetarian....

The other night I had the pleasure of spending about 9 hours in the emergency room with my little sister (she's 19) due to complications from her taking too much meth & not taking care of her diabetes as a result of said indulgence.
She's doing better now, physically, but not so well mentally.
She thinks that she can get off the meth while still maintaining the same friendships that she has now, and she can do it on her own without any help from rehab, counseling or a 12 step group.
This is going to be a long drawn out process.

Now, on to the entertainment....
First, I must issue a disclaimer.
I do not find suicide attempts to be amusing at all. I think it is very tragic when one feels that they have lost all hope to the point that death is their best option. It's especially tragic when this is a young person in their teens or twenties who has their entire life ahead of them.
However, their antics in the emergency room can be entertaining.
While I was with my sister a 16 year old was brought in who had attempted suicide.
When she was first brought in, she was cussing out all of the nurses and hitting & kicking at them to the point that they were threatening to restrain and sedate her. After a minute she calmed down and a security guard was posted outside her door - a nice elderly gentleman named Jack.
After a couple minutes the girl started fussing for something to eat, so the nurse came in asking if she had any special dietary requirements...

GIRL: "I'm vegetarian, so I'll eat vegetables and fruit and grains, and chicken."

huh? chicken is on a vegetarian diet? I'm confused....
but anyways, on with the evening.

When the girl was initially brought in all of her personal effects were taken, including her shoes.
When she announced that she needed to go to the bathroom, but alas she is without shoes...

GIRL: "I WANT MY SHOES. I need to go to the bathroom and I want my fucking shoes, I'm not walking on this floor barefoot. You know that people have pooped and defacated and urinated all over this floor. And you KNOW that people have had sex in this bed too."

A nurse brought her a pair of those paper surgical slippers, but those wouldnt do. So she took a few of the latex gloves out of the box on the wall and somehow managed to fashion those around her feet. I wish I could descibe HOW she did it, it was quite amusing.

After she comes back from her bathroom break, she finishes up her dinner and the psych dr comes in to tell her that theyre keeping her on a 72 hour hold. Naturally she was not pleased and everyone around her knew it. While she was crying to her motherabout the 72 hour hold, a nurse came in and took away her empty dinner tray which she promptly noticed as soon as she calmed down.

GIRL: Wheres my tray? Did they take my tray?
GIRLS MOM: honey, you were all done so they took it away.

A little later in the evening she reveals to Jack the security guard that she's a lesbian. It was an interesting conversation to overhear as Jack initially didnt understand what she meant when she said she was a "ladies lady" but it eventually dawned on him. A few minutes later she was telling him about her "kinda-sorta-boyfriend"

So, I spent a few hours next to a chicken eating vegetarian lesbian with a boyfriend.

Is it some sort of existential career crisis??

So, Ive been in a quandry over my job lately... I'm doing well, theres "opportunities for advancement", blah blah blah...
yet, I feel unfulfilled. Something is just... missing.
I've always been more of a creative type, so how the hell did I end up in payroll?
The photos I took of my little cousins and the engagement photos I took for my friends have only reinforced this thought that maybe I should be doing something else... I just don't know what.
I don't really have any formal photography training, I worked in a couple of commercial portrait studios after high school, but nothing where I was really provided with any formal training so I'm not sure what I could do with that. I'm considering taking a summer photography course at the UC Davis extension here in Sacramento - I'm sure I could benefit from the class.
I've considered trying to have some of my work displayed at local businesses in town such as in restaurants and/or cafes.
My dad knows a few small business owners around town - I don't like the idea of using those connections to my advantage though. I would rather have my work displayed by it's own merit.
I just need to find whatever it is that will satisfy this void I'm feeling... even if it's only something that I'm doing as a side job.

Friday, May 06, 2005


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I've submitted this photo to be considered as a label for Jones Soda. I need everyone to go vote for my photo!
You can vote here (give it a "10").....


Oh Happy Day!!

For the past 9-1/2 months I have had my 3 cousins (ages 14, 13 & 5) as foster children while my aunt was cleaning up her life and getting her own stuff together... today she had family court and was told she can get her kids back...
No more having to share my bathroom with 2 teenage girls.
No more having a 5 year old busting in on me while I'm in the bathroom.
No more phone ringing off the hook (see above comment about 2 teenagers).
Oh, I welcome back the peace and quiet that comes from no children.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Maddie asleep

Awww.... this was so cute that I had to take a picture. My little puppy snuggles up next to me and sleeps on her back.

Maddie asleep
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