Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not much to report here....

Well, there is some to report.
i did have a fun weekend, Saturday I went to SF with my lovely cousin Erin and her husband Jeremy.
We have a birthday party for a mutual friend to go to next weekend, and as always this friend has a theme to her birthday parties. This years theme.... sitcoms.
So, we've decided to go as the ladies from Sex and the City.
I shall be Carrie, Erin will be Charlotte, we're trying to talk our friend Barry into being Miranda, and Jeremy will be Samantha. So, when you're in need of a Samantha-esque outfit for a 6'2" size 14 shoe male where do you go but to SF? The outfit is spectacular and TRUST ME, there will be photos next week!

Sunday, I drove up to the Sierras and took some photos. I didnt really get anything notable up in the Sierras but came back to Sacramento that evening and got a couple of good shots in Capitol Park. Also, I must say that I do believe I was upstaged. My younger cousin Meghan, who is 13, came along with me and had some fun running around with my digital point & shoot snapping pictures and I believe she upstaged me.....

My shot of the statue of Father Junipero Serra...

Father Serra
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and then my baby cousin upstaged me by taking this shot of the Firefighters Memorial....

Originally uploaded by Nessacery.

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