Monday, November 24, 2008

The Nightmare Before MacWorld

'Twas 40 days before MacWorld and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a PowerBook G4.

Wait a minute... what?

Didn't I just post about computer problems about two months ago?
Yes. Yes I did.
As you may recall, my aunt gave me an old PowerBook G4 and while it was an older model (like my Grandma) and it had it issues (like my Grandma) it was still plugging along (say it with me... "like my Grandma").
I could still use it for basic word files, some photoshopping, and internetting (is too a word and if not, I just made it up. So there).
Then I got one of the standard software updates popups. Soooo, I installed the updates and when they were completed with the installing the system restarted. As it went through the restart it was going slow on some of the initialization or file conversion or whatever its called. This was about a month ago so I don't remember exactly what the screens said, but it was something like that. Then it got to the main start up screen... the white one with the apple on it. And it sat there, and sat there, and sat there, and has gone absolutely nowhere since.
Since theres been no progress, only setbacks, on the laptop front theres been no progress with the kPod either. By the way, have I mentioned that since the iPod now plays everything but the frontline vocals like a karaoke track I'm calling it the kPod? Get it? Karaoke...? iPod...? kPod...? Or am I just amusing myself? Crap. I knew it. I'm only amusing myself.
Steve, I am "this close" to breaking up with you.
Without my laptop, my internetting it seriously limited. Do you know how far behind I am on both reading and writing blogs? TV shows? Photoshop?
And don't even mention purchasing a new MacBook and iPod. I already offered Steve some of my blood and he didn't bite. (Get it? Blood? Bite? I'm making a vampire joke and the Twilight movie just came out last week? Crap. I knew it. I'm only amusing myself. Again.)