Monday, May 09, 2005

Is it some sort of existential career crisis??

So, Ive been in a quandry over my job lately... I'm doing well, theres "opportunities for advancement", blah blah blah...
yet, I feel unfulfilled. Something is just... missing.
I've always been more of a creative type, so how the hell did I end up in payroll?
The photos I took of my little cousins and the engagement photos I took for my friends have only reinforced this thought that maybe I should be doing something else... I just don't know what.
I don't really have any formal photography training, I worked in a couple of commercial portrait studios after high school, but nothing where I was really provided with any formal training so I'm not sure what I could do with that. I'm considering taking a summer photography course at the UC Davis extension here in Sacramento - I'm sure I could benefit from the class.
I've considered trying to have some of my work displayed at local businesses in town such as in restaurants and/or cafes.
My dad knows a few small business owners around town - I don't like the idea of using those connections to my advantage though. I would rather have my work displayed by it's own merit.
I just need to find whatever it is that will satisfy this void I'm feeling... even if it's only something that I'm doing as a side job.

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Bluecrab said...

You know, work doesn't always fulfill every part of someone. You need a creative hobby. If you can make it your work- awesome, but don't underestimate the value of a good hobby either.
Oh, and you should always exploit those connections. Most people don't like art or music unless they've heard it or seen it a few times.