Friday, June 30, 2006


With everything going on, is it really any suprise that I havent been sleeping much this week?
I've always been a "night owl" with tendencies to stay up until at least midnight regardless of how exhausted I am, but once asleep I always sleep through the night and then have a hard time getting up in the morning. Its as though my body refuses to comply to the standard 8 am to 5 pm workday.
This past week I've been staying up until about 1:30 am each night, then toss and turn for somewhere around half an hour before falling asleep. On top of that, I then wake up around 3:30 am. I've found that if I take a hot bath I can then get a little more sleep before I have to get up at 6:45 am, but overall the lack of sleep this week is wearing on me.
The past two days I've also had a constant headache that does not go away despite popping numerous forms of tylenol, aspirin, and other remedies.

I talked to my dad today. He thinks its pointless for me to try to go visit grandma at this point. After hospice visited yesterday afternoon he and my grandpa went to look at making "arrangements" this morning. At this time, dad said that he thinks I may be best off waiting until mid to late next week at which point I could very likely be flying up for services.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's very good news about your mom. I'm so sorry to hear things are going downhill for your grandma.

Sleep is so important -- I am a huge advocate of ambien, the wonder drug. Get a prescription if you have to, you need sleep.

Dell. said...

I'm a lurker usually but you sound like you are having such a shitful time that I thought I'd say "Hi". This too will pass. You sound like you have too too much to deal with and no way of off loading. Also sounds like you are a sweet softie that takes on every one else's shit. You eat well and take care of yourself first so that you can take care of others later.. I do hope that you can make it to see your Gran....

Shananigans said...

Well, it can't always be good news I guess. *big hugs* and feel better vibes headed your way.