Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lifes full of disappointments.

I'm not getting the convertible.
Consumer Reports didnt have very good ratings for it. Especially on customer satisfaction, fuel economy (lower than what the EPA estimates are), and depriciation.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I've looked at a Honda Civic - I know that those are reliable and get excellent gas mileage (I would save $175 a month on the fuel alone) I'm just having second thoughts.
Part of me says I shouldnt get a new car yet, that I should drive my Ford until its dead BUT the thing is 11 years old with almost 170,000 miles. I'm not sure how much longer its going to last.

Other than that, things are going pretty shitty.
Theres too much to go into but one of the worst is that I have to take my mom to have an angiogram next Tuesday. She had a heart attack 3 years ago and it looks like some more blockages have formed so we have to find out where and how badly.
One of the more frivolous is that I was trying to arrange a camping trip with some friends to a cabin my family has at Shasta Lake. Its a beautiful place, very remote - boat access only, no electricity but with running water (heated by propane tanks you carry in), the perfect place to go to relax and have a great time with friends. I talked to my dad this past Sunday to see if I could use the cabin and we agreed upon a weekend where he would be up there during the week before hand and leaving on a Friday so my friends and I could show up Friday to take over the place so the boat would already be there and everything would be set up and ready to go. Last night I call dear old dad to confirm the weekend before I officially invite any friends and he's backing out of it saying that I don't know how to tow a boat and I'd better talk to all of my friends to find out who has what kind of boating experience and report back to him so that he can think it over. I reminded him that he was going to be there the week before hand so there would be no need to tow a boat or launch a boat or get one out of the water. He brushed me off. Its something so frivolous, but at the same time I am genuinely disappointed in him once again failing to follow through on something he's said.
Maybe I'm just being oversensitive about this one issue because theres so much other crap going on right now and this is just the easiest thing to get upset over.
Theres a part of me that just wants to pack up and move far far away somewhere to escape all of the bull shit thats going on.


Anonymous said...

You could always come move in with me. :)

Maya said...

Bummer about the camping trip. On the other hand, Johnna doesn't have to reschedule her housewarming party again, and there's still time to put something together for the 22nd. If you're interested.

I think you can find a better convertible than the Sebring, if you want one.

Tanya Kristine said...

sounds like you're upset over a couple of things so you're sensitive and that's understandable. dno't push yourself too hard.

now, talking from experience, i had a 94 ford explorer that over the course of 2 years 2003, 2004 i put about 2,000 in to it. it was at that time i said 'no more' and i'll wait until it dies and THEN get a new car. it lasted almost 2 MORE YEARS!! before it died. and the death was a simple problem to fix but i told myslef, 'next time' and i meant it. so i say, clean ths shit out of it, deoderize it, and love it until it's dead to the world. get AAA in preperation and enjoy the non-payments becuase after 5 years of no car payments i'm paying about $700 a month for my car. (hint: buy used)

Shananigans said...

I would say live with your car as is if you can even though the mileage is shitty. New car expense is going to be more than whatever you're paying in gas now.

I would totally be bummed about missing a weekend with friends in a cabin on a lake. Come to think of it I’m a little disappointed that I’m not going to be at a cabin on a lake this weekend, and I wasn’t even planning on it. Thinking good thoughts and sending out good vibes to you and your mama.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot's hitting you at once. I hope your mom gets good news.

And I echo TK about the car thing ... I'd run that baby into the ground. At the very least you wouldn't worry about getting into wrecks, b/c if you did, oh well!!