Wednesday, June 28, 2006


It never ends.

My mom had her angiogram this morning. While she was in having the procedure done I sat in the waiting room with her new boyfriend and knitted. I did not grill the new boyfriend, I figured thats her business, not mine. Lets just say that from what I've heard I think he's married and my mom is "the other woman". His story is that he's divorced, but still lives with his "ex" wife. My mom says that the ex wife had some sort of accident that has left her partially disabled and he promised their kids (I don't know how old the kids are) that he'd always take care of her. Yep, sounds like he's still married to me. Anyways...
She gets out of the angiogram and the Dr comes to tell me that theyre going to transport her to another hospital for an angioplasty because she has a 99% blockage in one artery and another artery is narrowing so they may be doing a balloon procedure on that. So, I go home and grab a quick bite while shes transported to the other hospital, then visit her for a while before they do the procedure this evening.
After she goes in for the angioplasty I see that I have a voicemail from dad. His mom is the grandma of mine in Oregon with lung cancer that I've been visiting a lot lately. Evidently, she decided to stop chemotherapy treatments over a month ago but didnt say anything to anyone. I can understand this. That was her decision to make, she's the one who's been going through chemo for damn near two years, she's the one to decide her treatment and course of action. Nobody else. Anyways, since stopping chemotherapy she's been under hospice care and has gone downhill. Theyre thinking she has about 1 good week left where she'll have recognition of people. Maybe two weeks. Overall, the hospice nurses are thinking she has a month total.
I need to get up there to see her, but I'm broke until payday. On top of that, I have my mom to take care of now.
I went back to the hospital after her angioplasty and she made it through the procedure fine, but they ended up having to put in 4 stents to help with her arteries. She'll most likely be discharged some time Wednesday.
How am I dealing with all of this? I'm drinking my way through it. I had 4 beers at the pub and stopped to buy a 6 pack of hard lemonade on my way home.
3 down, 3 to go.


Valerie said...

D'oh!!! Not another thing. So sorry sweets! God bless grammy and mommy

Anonymous said...

Oh man, sounds like things are sucking big time right now. I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope you can get up to see her. I'm sure you'll figure out a way.

Try to take care of yourself too.

Shananigans said...

Holy crap, that’s a lot to deal with! *hugs* You’ll get through it, hope you figure out a way to get to your grandma soon and sending good thoughts to you and your momma.

kimananda said...

:-( I'm thining of you and your family. :-(

Tara said...

Well, that all just sucks. I hope things work out.
And yes, he sounds married.