Monday, June 12, 2006

iPod Shuffle

The way it works:
1. Put your iPod on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

How am I feeling today?
Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You by Diana Krall

Will I get far in life?
Spending Money by Jimmy Buffett (thats it. I'm starting that Roth...)

How do my friends see me?
Band On The Run by Paul McCartney

When will I get married?
All I'm Thinkin' About by Bruce Springsteen (ummm.... no?)

What is my best friend's theme song?
The Chicken Sangwich The Heckler and The Kabbash by Dane Cook (hahahahaha! and yes, I do have comedians routines on my ipod))

What is the story of my life?
Biloxi by Jimmy Buffett

What was high school like?
Buenos Aires by Madonna (Crap! I was in Evita my junior year!)

How am I going to get ahead in life?
I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross (I've got to show the world all that I wanna be and all my abilities... this is true))

What is the best thing about me?
When The Heartache Is Over by Tina Turner

How is today going to be?
I Will Buy You A New Life by Everclear

What is in store for this weekend?
I Finally Found Someone by Barbra Streisand with Bryan Adams (seriously???)

What song describes my parents?
Nadine by Art's Missing Finger (a local Sacramento group that is no longer)

What song describes your grandparents?
Another Suitcase In Another Hall by Madonna and Antonio Banderas (not really - this ones about a brief affair and my grandparents had been married for 52 years when he passed)

How is my life going?
The Prayer by josh Groban

What song will they play at my funeral?
Work It (Remix feat 50Cent) by Missy Elliott (hell yes!!!!)

How does the world see me?
Bridge Over Troubled Water by Aretha Franklin (great)

Will I have a happy life?
Fade Away by Chris Isaak

What do my friends really think of me?
As If We Never Said Goodbye by Barbra Streisand

Do people secretly lust after me?
Hard Hearted Hannah by Banu Gibson

How can I make myself happy?
This Joint Is Jumpin by Banu Gibson (I do adore Banu and she is playing in Southern California later this year. Perhaps two of her songs in a row is a sign....)

What should I do with my life?
Waterloo by ABBA (what? I don't get this)

Will I ever have children?
Sleigh Ride by Barenaked Ladies (again... what??)

What is some good advice for me?
Peace Train by 10,000 Maniacs (good advice for anyone!)

What is my signature dancing song?
Coffee Shop by Red Hot Chili Peppers

What do I think my current theme song is?
Some Of These Days by Cab Calloway

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
So It Shall Be by k.d. lang

What type of men/women do you like?
The Joker by the Steve Miller Band

What kind of kisser are you?
Dancing With A Stranger by Cyndi Lauper

What's your style?
You Call It Madness by Diana Krall (HA!!!)

What kind of lover are you?
Ring Of Fire by Joaquin Phoenix (I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing....)

What would be playing on a first date?
Marriage by Margaret Cho (ummmm.... no)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
What A Waste by Jonathan Pryce from Miss Saigon (noooooo!!!!)


Tanya Kristine said...

that's a good idea...doens't always make sense but a fun thing to do...

Anonymous said...

I'm going to do this ... but if I land on the Backstreet Boys, it'll be really embarassing to admit I have two of their songs on my ipod.

Tara said...

Oh my. Do I ever feel old and out of touch. I don't even have songs on my computer.

~drew emborsky~ said...

Hmm, two references to marriage eh?