Friday, March 03, 2006

This entry is brought to you by the letter “F”

Caution: this entry is not for those with sensitive ears (or would it be eyes?). Massive amounts of profanity ahead.

I have said the “F” word so many times today.

This afternoon I dropped my car off at the auto body repair shop, picked up my rental car and spoke with the insurance agent of the woman who hit me.

Without even getting a quote from the repair shop both my insurance agent and the other womans insurance agent are talking about totaling my car out. Apparently the blue book value on my car is only $5,000 and they are anticipating the repair costs to exceed that.
I JUST paid my car off less than two F*CKING months ago!
And I KNOW that if they pay me $5,000 to total out my car I am NOT going to be able to replace it for that amount. I’m going to be stuck with a F*CKING car payment again.
I’m only THREE months away from being completely debt free! In three months I will have my visa bill and my student loan COMPLETELY paid off! I was SO looking forward to it - to being able to put money away for a trip somewhere, to opening a ROTH IRA like my father so heavily suggests, to buying luscious wooly yarns, to just having the relief from not owing anyone any money at all.

I am trying to remain optimistic. I’m hoping that the repair costs won’t be as high as the insurance companies are thinking they’ll be, that working with the insurance companies will be a breeze, that everything will go smoothly. I’m trying.


Mama Kelly said...

i hate Hate HATE car insurance companies... my huband was injured in a car accident a few years ago and we are still using them to pay for some of the medical bills .... they fight EVERYTHING

I hope that your repair bills come in under the $5000 mark so you can be debt free for a while ....

wish you well

carrie said...

oh sweetie i'm so sorry about this! i wish i had advice, but i dunno a damn thing about cars. i'll send good vibes.

Valerie said...

when I got rear ended in my explorer the lady had to pay my repairs to my bumper and it was $2500. she didn't want to go through her insurance so she paid for it cash. That only included the bumper and the fastners underneath it. Would have been a ton more if somethng actually happned to the body of the truck and they had to paint it.

Just FYI. But I do live in the Highway Robbery, Bay Area. And went to the acutal Ford dealership to have it fixed.

kimananda said... doesn't look like there was that much to be repaired from the photos here. I will cross my fingers that the damage can be fixed for under the value of the car. :-(

Shananigans said...

OMG, that blows! Hugs and good thoughts headed your way.