Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm A Cheater.

Only two days in, and I've already blown the Yarn Diet.
I stopped into my favorite LYS on my way home from work this evening to pick up a pair of size 6 circs and dpn's to make this hat.
I walked out with the needles, a copy of Debbie Bliss "Celtic Knits", because I'm feeling the celtic vibe lately, and a copy of The Happy Hooker. No, not THAT Happy Hooker, THIS Happy Hooker. Just glancing through the patterns in the book, I can tell you that it is unbelievably cool. Theres a couple of cute handbags and one sweater called "cupcake" that I will DEFINITELY be making for myself.
I walked out with the needles, the books, and this:

I was waiting in line while the owner was winding yarn for another customer and, well, I got to looking around. I'm planning on using it to make another felted purse for myself.

Since Blogger has gotten its anti-photo glitch worked out, heres the purses I finished last Sunday:

and heres the photo of my coworkers Carrie, Heather and I on St Patricks Day.

Yes, Carrie and I showed up in the same cheesy sweatshirt and Heather was "Seein' Dublin".


Tara said...

I just wanted to say...I don't think it's at all right when people go to Ireland and don't take me with them. Not naming any names. I just wanted to say. Not right at all. I'm going to go pout now.

Tanya Kristine said...

you have to email me and tell me where in irealdn you are going...i'd be HPPY to give you some tips...since i jsut got back and all...

Valerie said...

Great job!!!!

Shananigans said...

Those bags look so darling! I love that cheesy pic of you and your co-workers, you got some Irish spirit in ‘ya, noting wrong with that ;)

kimananda said...

That yarn looks cool. And, on a not totally unrelated note, a friend will be teaching me to knit on Sunday, so look out for pictures of strange looking knit things on my blog as well. Apparently, starter needles and a starter ball of yarn has been bought in preparation, and there is talk of buying me some easy patterns, too, so let's hope I'm teachable!