Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm half way there....

My request for vacation time was approved.


I am so excited right now that I am SHAKING.

I'm having to transfer money between accounts so I won't be able to actually buy the tickets until Wednesday, but I AM DOING IT!

GAH! I'm so excited.
This will be my first international trip anywhere, ever.
Well, I have been to Quebec City, which I know is another country and therefore it is technically international, BUT since its the same continent and you can just drive across the border (well, this was way back in 1993 so you could just drive across the border - they didnt even check my ID) I don't really consider it to be "international" travel.
I did LOVE Quebec City - absolutely gorgeous. I imagine it would have been very romantic... had I been there with anyone other than my father.


IRELAND, people!

I'm going!
I havent been able to stop smiling in the past 2 hours.

Of course, I do have fears with traveling to Europe.
Such as....
I won't understand the currency exchange rates and will find myself completely broke my second day there.
I'll commit some sort of major cultural faux-pas and offend everyone around me, therefore becoming that tourist woman that people talk about for months.
That I'll unwittingly break some bizarre law and find myself in an Irish prison (shut up. It could happen.)
I won't have the proper type of power adaptor for my hair dryer and will set the hotel ablaze (perhaps thats how I'll end up in prison)

However, I am more excited than I am afraid.
I know that this will be an amazing trip and that I will have one of the best experiences of my life.
And, its only 60 days away....


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just, wow.

And also, AWESOME!!!!

You're going to have an amazing time. Please feel free to pick my brain if you have any questions about traveling. Though I've never been to Ireland. But they do speak English there so that's a heeeuuuge plus.

I would highly recommend reading Rick Steves' "Europe through the back door." Also his guide books are very good.

And if you ever find yourself in crisis (which you won't) I would be happy to give you the name/number of my cousin who lives in London. He is super nice (I'm going to see him next month).

Anyhoo, I'm so excited for you!!!

Valerie said...

wow, good for you!!! how exciting!

carrie said...

i'm so happy for you! you're going to have a blast.

Shananigans said...

Wow, that is so soon! I’m elated for you! You will be absolutely fine, and you will have a great time. I want to go to the UK so bad, at the rate I’m accumulating vacation time, extra income, and places I’m dying to visit I’ll get there by 2036. My next vacation isn’t till June and I booked it last month. I’ve been practically crawling out of my skin I can’t wait to go already!