Tuesday, March 21, 2006

59 days and counting....

59 days until I leave for Ireland.
I should be purchasing my tickets tomorrow. The only reason I havent bought them already is that I have to wait for funds to transfer from one bank to another.
And yes, I HAVE been compulsively checking Aer Lingus' site multiple times a day, you know... just to confirm that the flights don't, you know, magically disappear.
I need to lose some weight before the trip though. I can't imagine squeezing my current behind into an airline seat for a 10 hour flight. I'd like to lose 20-25 lbs by then, so my friend Katherine and I are joining Weight Watchers next Tuesday. I'd given WW a try last fall, but did not do very well at it. I think there were a number of factors that contributed to my failing.
First of all was my decision to go to meeting on Saturday mornings. Between sleeping in from going out on Friday nights, having work and social functions on Saturdays and the various weekend trips I took to Portland, San Francisco and Salt Lake City, I just missed way too many meetings.
Second, I tried doing it solo and I am one of those who needs a buddy to go with. If I'm going on my own, its too easy for me to skip a meeting and throw off my entire week. If I'm going with a buddy I feel a sense of obligation to go, like I'd be letting them down if I skipped a meeting.
Another thing I'd like to do before leaving for Ireland? Save up some more money.
Fortunately my tax refund this year was huge, and even after airfare and hotels (I've found some great deals) I should have enough for my trip. But, I want more. I'd like to have an extra cushion of funds in the event of an emergency... like if I need to bail myself out of an Irish prison... or if I find myself near the Aran Islands and there happens to be some luscious wools. Plus, I'll need to find two nice birthday gifts while I'm there. I'll land in Ireland on my baby brothers 17th birthday, and my third day there will be my aunt Glorias birthday as well. I'd be bringing gifts back for them anyways, but since its their birthdays I'd like it to be a little extra special.
Anyways, I'd like to go with a busload of money available. Is this greed or practicality?
Either way I'm going to have to budget between now and then. This means, cutting back on the starbucks, dining out, and :::gasp::: not buying any yarn. Fortunately, my stash is large enough to provide me with enough yarn for projects between now and then. Since friends and coworkers have been consigning my knitting and crochet services lately, the only exception to the new Yarn-Diet I'm going to allow myself is if its for a project I've been hired for, that way the purchase isnt coming out of my own pocket. I'll have to brown bag my lunch, this should help with the weight loss as well.
I'm also thinking I'll be putting some of my extra crap, I mean TREASURED BELONGINGS, up for sale on ebay to raise some extra cash for the trip. I've got an extra silver ipod mini left from when I upgraded to the 60gb ipod photo. I also have an XM Radio Roady2 Personal Audio System that was an impulse post holiday clearance sale impulse purchase. Its designed to make the Roady2 portable like a walkman HOWEVER, I don't have a Roady2. I have a RoadyXT. The two are not compatible and I got lazy and never got around to returning it and now its too late to return it for a refund. Plus, I lost the receipt.
But I digress,l I will have ebay auctions up within the next couple of weeks. But, due to the Yarn-Diet, there will be no extra stash going up for sale. That, and I'm a smoker so my yarn is all stinky and who wants to buy stinky yarn?
Also... NO NEW SHOES!!!! Okay.. MAYBE a couple of weeks before I go I may invest in a good pair of walking shoes and break them in before the trip. Any suggestions on some good walking shoes? My main problem with shoes is that they cut INTO the back of my ankle usually. This is why I wear mules year round. My only stipulation... they must look cool and not look like "practical" shoes.
In knitting news...
I joined up with my friends Maya, Jen and Susan for a little stitching and bitching on Sunday afternoon at the pub. I was able to put the finishing touches on the purses I've made for my aunt Gloria to give to the pastors wives at her church.......

What? You thought there would be photos? So did I. HOWEVER, Bloggers being a major pain in my ass and won't load any of my photos.

Anyways, I finished the purses which was mainly just sewing on the handles, but I'd been putting that off for a while since I hate to sew. Thats not entirely correct. I don't HATE to sew. I just don't do it very well.
I was at the pub long enough that after finishing the purses I was able to start a kids poncho which I finished last night... no photos of that yet since I have two more to make and I'll post the pics of all three at once.

I also had a photo of a couple of coworkers and I on St Patricks Day to share with you.... oh well, hopefully I'll be able to post them tomorrow.


kimananda said...

Yea!!! I'm so excited for you! And don't worry about money, too much. If you save a bit and economize, you'll be able to do amazing things once you're there. I'm doing the same now...everytime I bike for example, I say to myself, 'for the cost of the ticket I didn't have to buy, I could have most of a meal when I'm in China.' Travel is a great motivator.

How long are you going for? Where in Ireland are you most likely to visit?

Valerie said...

I hate that you can't IM at work anymore.

Look forward to seeing your new knitted stuff.

I'm saving money to buy my Louis Vuitton purse. So I have been brown bagging it and also selling stuff (mainly purses and wallets cuz I"m an addict) on ebay also. yay for me! I'm hoping to have my purse by Las Vegas time, May.

Good luck with weight watchers. Oh and can I just add one more thing, STOP SMOKING. Love ya! :)

Vanessa said...

I will arrive in Dublin on May 20th and fly out on the 27th.
I haven't planned anything out yet, I just know that I want to go to the Guinness brewery, Blarney Castle, and I LOVE old churches.

Vanessa said...

hey Val... I'm a purse addict as well. I have no clue how many I have and really don't want to count because, well, I don't want to admit to how many I have. "TOO MANY" is specific enough for me.

I really do need to quit smoking. I do plan on quitting soon, I'm just not sure when.

I too HATE HATE HATE that I can't IM anymore.

Maya said...

A lot of people are talking about quitting smoking lately. I'd be happy to just cut back.

Don't say that saving moolah will keep you from our Sunday group! I am having so much fun, I'll buy you drinks!

Vanessa said...

I'd be happy to just cut back as well. Between the smoking and my weight, walking up a flight of stairs leaves me completely winded and I know that I'll be doing a lot of waling while in Ireland so I also need to get in shape for that.

The budget won't cut into the stitching and bitching. I figure thats only $5-10 a week for a pint of guinness or two - not at all like the money I drop on going out to lunch everyday, starbucks, and just general retail therapy.
Between the lunches and starbucks I'm blowing about $75 per week. I'm not even going to factor in what I spend on cigarettes.

Valerie said...

what pattern are you using for the baby poncho? can you email me the link or the pattern?



Valerie said...

I can't find your email


Tanya Kristine said...

excuse me? you're oging to IRELAND??? where???