Monday, March 27, 2006

Back to the grind...

I hate it when the weekend comes to an end.

Sunday I spent the day at the pub. Yes, the WHOLE day.
I joined up with my knitting group at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon and completely lost track of time. The next thing I knew, it was about 7pm and trivia would be starting in just a little over an hour so I stuck around for the game. Our team took first place and I didn't get home until about 11:30, BUT I've got a token for a free beer.
Knitting wise, I was able to get a lot done. I finished the ponchos I was making for my 6 year old cousin and her friend (photos to come the next time my oh-so-cute little model pays me a visit) and I got started on my next felted purse. This one is for my friend Heather and is being done in green and black. I LOVE the green yarn I'm using - it looks like that "grass" filler for Easter baskets. The yarn I purchased last week - I dont think I'm going to make a traditional felted purse like the other ones I've been making with that. I'm working up a design of my own for that one. I'll keep you posted on how thats coming along.
One of the other regulars was at the pub while we were knitting and after trying to annoy us a good portion of the afternoon he made the mistake of taking a nap next to us. Hijinx were had, and fortunately, I had my digital camera with me. Scarves were draped about him and other magic is being worked in photoshop:

WARNING: Don't nap near mischievious knitters

Then, it was back to work today. Where the air conditioner was broken and the office was 85 degrees at 7 am. By the time people started rolling in at 8, it was getting hotter. The air was finally fixed and it quickly plunged to 55 degrees. WTF? Is there no such thing as a moderate climate?

OH, and P.S. - - - 52 days to Ireland.
I'm considering starting an "Irish fact a day" feature between now and when I actually leave.
What do you think?
Yay? Nay?


Maya said...

I think an Irish Fact O' the Day (IFOTD) is a great idea!

I love that picture. I can't wait to see the photoshopped version.

Vanessa said...

I already have my first fun fact - I'll post that one for tomorrow

Shananigans said...

I say yay!

Tanya Kristine said...

what pub??

Tanya Kristine said...

i've been there a million times. it's kinda clicky and i'm not crazy about it anymore. i have fun when i bring my own friends in though.

kimananda said...

That sounds like that I'm knitting (I've done maybe 5 rows of a scarf, oh, the joy!), I should go totally overboard and find me a group. Could be good for my Danish as well....

And I look forward to the Irish fact o' the day!

Valerie said...

I want FO pix. :) AND Irish facts.