Tuesday, January 31, 2006

C'est Fini!

My Cute Little Felted bag is all done!
Ultimately I did go with the lucite handles, but had a hard time finding the type of button or brooch that I had in mind. While I was at Michaels picking up the handles I looked through their beads and found some that are close to what I wanted, only much smaller. Because of the size I thought that I would put the beads all the way around the top of the bag, but after sewing on the first one I liked the way it looked with just the one accent bead.

Delainas bag is being felted. It just finished one round in the wash, but I dont like the way its shaping. It seems to have shrunk more in the length than in the width. I'm hoping that another round or two in hot washes will correct this. If not, I do have time to whip out another one before her birthday - it's still a week and a half away.

I made a trip to Target this evening. I do love that store. Especially the dollar area when you first walked in. Tonight they had flavored coffees. I got a couple of little Carolans Irish Cream flavored coffees. There were also Jack Daniels flavored, I'm not a whiskey drinker and didnt know if I'd like so I passed on that but may go back to pick a couple up.

Also, I've been eyeing these shoes for a couple of weeks. When I first saw them they were about $20 but I was in post-holiday-shopping budget recovery and feeling very cheap at the time. Tonight, they were marked down to $3.74. Got to love the clearance section.

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Valerie said...

the purse looks awesome!!! great job. I posted my progress on mine.