Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My name is Vanessa, and I'm a Yarnaholic

I've been working on my knitting bag this past week. I like how its turning out so far.
It's my first circular project, and I think it's going well. Of course, I haven't gotten to the DPNs yet.
I did screw up the icord handles though and as a result, I needed to get some more yarn.

This is what I needed, one skein of Crystal Palace Yarns in Circus Celery. I really like this yarn, its soft and the edging on it has a nice terrycloth texture to it.
Note, I only needed this one skein.

However, this is what I walked out with.
One skein of Trio.
One skein of Cascade 220 in black.
Three skeins of Cascade 220 in a charcoal grey.
One skein of Cascade 220 in lavendar.

On the way to the yarn shop I thought that perhaps I should get a skein of the black Cascade 220 in case the felting of D's bag has gone awry (see previous post) and I have to make another. I already have a second skein of the Crystal Palace Fizz so I knew that I wouldnt need that.
Once in the shop they had a display of a CUTE felted tote bag with an available kit. The kit contained the yarn for the project as well as the pattern. For $50. Looking at the kit I could see that it was a fairly simple pattern, the bag was most likely done in stockinette and the handles were done in icord and there was some icord edging on the seams, then it was felted. The yarn in the kit was the equivalent of what I purchased in the charcoal and lavendar Cascade 220. I think I can make this bag without the pattern and managed to save about $22 in the process.

Another example of my impulsive yarn purchasing....

Monday night I went to Michaels to get the handles for the felted bags I've made for myself and D.
All I went in for was the handles and possibly beads.
Moda Dea Ticker Tape.
Normally about $8 per skein, it was marked down to $2.67.
Who doesnt need 5 skeins of Ticker Tape in Pink Passion?
I have no clue what I'll make with it. I'm thinking something for my little cousin Janae, her 6th birthday is in April.
Any suggestions?

Note that I did not NEED any of this yarn.
I did not need any new projects, I've got enough lined up already.
As soon as I'm done with my knitting bag I'm going to make a sweater for a coworker and after that I was planning on making a slightly larger version of the cute little felted bag in some purple variegated yarn I have.
Plus I've got TONS of yarn, acquireed from inpulsive purchases such as this, that I'm sure I could find SOMETHING to make with.


carrie said...

i'm also looking for a good pattern for ribbon yarn. (my mom bought me some in france this summer, and i'm frogging a tank i made from orange ribbon yarn.) there's an interweave free shrug pattern, but that might be a bit much in bright pink!

Jana said...

it all looks awesome vanessa!

Valerie said...

the bag looks awesome. I hope mine comes out that good. dpns are confusing at first but you'll get the hang of it. good job.

kimananda said...

And what's wrong with having a lot of yarn? Or am I just asking that question in defense for having every floss color that DMC makes?