Friday, February 03, 2006

One F'ed Up Bag.

And by "F'ed" I mean felted, of course.

D's bag is finished, and it did shrink more in the length than in the width. From here on it shall be known as "The F'ed Up Bag"
In the photo of D's purse by itself, you really can't tell how odd the shape is. Its got a curve to it, I'm assuming from the extreme felting I did.
See, being one of those who believe "if one is good, then THREE is even better!" I over felted it. After the first wash I could see that if was shrinking more in length than in width, so rather than stopping there, I ran it through the wash two more times.
Because I'm stupid.
So, it has a football-esque shape to it.

For comparison, heres the bag I finished for myself.
It has a nice shape, lies flat, I love it.
Heres the F'ed up bag in front of my own.

I took the F'ed Up Bag in to my LYS and they said that it is from over felting, and when I explained that it was already shrinking more in the length than in the width after the first wash and that I ran it through again in hopes that another wash or two would correct it, she said that most likely the first wash was too hot.
When I felted my own purse, the first wash was done in warm and the second was done in hot. The owner of my LYS said that this helped because putting it straight into a hot wash sometimes can "shock" the wool and thats what can cause the extreme shrinkage. Hehe.. shrinkage.. I loved that episode of Seinfeld, only this time its due to hot water and not cold.
To remedy this, she said that I could soak it in warm water, and then stretch it out. She said that it will be hard to stretch and may take two people. Joy. I hope stretching it works, I only have a week from tomorrow before D's birthday. I'm sure that I can get another bag knit up between now and then, but I really don't want to have to start all over again.
Also, be prepared for some crochet fug. I am in the process of crocheting the ugliest thing I have ever made. Photos soon to come.

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Valerie said...


I felted mine last night. Two hot washes. Looks pretty good, but some of the stitches under the fizz and still visable. Wonder if I should put it in the wash for a 3rd?

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