Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My to do list....

Just trying to make note of all of the knit and crochet projects on my to do list....

1. "Cute Felted Bag" for my aunt to give to the pastors wife at her church. 20% completed
Last week my youngest aunt celebrated a year and a half of being clean and sober. I am SO proud of her. During the past year and a half, as she's gone through recovery, the pastors wife at her church has been a great source of support to her and has given my aunt a lot of clothing for herself as well as for my youngest cousin. My aunt saw my felted bag and remarked that its something the pastors wife would like so I'm making one with black Cascade 220 and a pretty bronze and gold metallic lash, Aura by Trendsetters Yarn. This is about 20% done (not including the felting and attaching handles).

2. "Girly Baby Stuff" 10'ish% completed
One of my coworkers is going to be a grandma in about a month and has commissioned me to make all of the "pink girly stuff" I can between now and when the baby is born.
I do know that I will be making the ugg style booties from Candy Babies by Candi Jensen in pink and at least one baby afghan. I started this afghan this evening. Its a quick easy pattern I've used before and I had some Lion Brand Baby Soft lying around.

3. Sweater for coworker 0% completed
The same coworker has asked me to make her a sweater, she's a "little person" and has never been able to purchase a sweater that fit properly since you can't really hem the sleeves of a sweater. I've purchased the yarn but haven't been able to start it yet.

4. "Cute felted bag" for another coworker 0% completed
today another coworker commissioned me to make a cute felted bag for her as well. She knows that I have several projects lined up ahead of her so she's not expecting it too soon.

5. Granny Squares 0%
Drew, aka The Crochet Dude, has joined together with Heartmade Blessings, a wonderful organization that assembles granny square afghans, "Comfortghans", for people in need of comfort, either due to illness or due to the loss of a loved one.
At this time, they have a "back order" of requests for Comfortghans for people in need of comfort and are looking for any crocheters or knitters who would be interested in busting their yarn stash for a worthy cause.
If you'd be interested in helping out a worthy cause, the guidelines for Granny Squares can be found HERE.
Seriously, its a great organization and I personally know how much hand made items can mean to a person going through an illness or loss.

6. Comfortghan for my Granny 0%
Last time I visited my Grandmother in Portland I made her a chemo cap with matching scarf and since then she doesnt leave the house without them. She hates wearing her wig, complains that it makes her head itch, and gets too cold if she goes without anything. Seeing how much she appreciates the hat and scarf, I'm going to make her an afghan as well.
Like I said above, hand made items can mean A LOT to a person going through an illness or loss.

7. Hat and scarf for Gramps 0%
I don't want to leave Grandpa out, so when I go to Portland in 3 weeks to visit the grandparents I'd like to take Grandpa a hat and scarf as well.

This doesnt include all of the projects that I'd LIKE to make for myself. There are a few things I want to make for myself, some of them I've even bought the yarn for, but I keep bumping them down on the list.


Valerie said...

wow. you have a lot to do. Bette quit your job. ;)

carrie said...

you are such a generous crafter! love the purse, and heartmade blessings is certainly a great charity.

but be sure to squeeze in a project for yourself!

~drew emborsky~ said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I appreciate your support very much! :)

Vanessa said...

Valerie - I would LOVE to be able to quit my day job and spend all of my time crocheting, knitting, and doing photography! I love them all!

Carrie - Thank you! I will definitely squeeze in a project here & there for myself.

Drew - I'm always glad to help out those in need and hope that you're able to provide comfortghans for everyone on your list as quickly as possible.