Monday, January 23, 2006

Cute Felted Bag.... Almost.

Well, I've completed the knitting portion of my Cute Little Felted bag.
I'll give the felting portion a try tomorrow.
I've decided to go with a black lucite handle instead of the knitted strap like the pattern calls for. The only thing left is to find a vintage looking button or brooch of some sort.
Yes, I did complete my bag before the one for D's birthday.
D decided that she wanted a Cute Little felted bag for herself as well. Actually, after picking out which bag she wanted she said that I could just buy the yarn and needles and teach her how to knit it herself. Little does she know that my plan is to include some additional yarn & needles inside the bag.
So, I've started on D's bag. Like mine, I'm using Cascade 220 in black, but the Crystal Palace Fizz is black with silver flecks instead of the pink with gold like mine. I'm thinking for D I'll use lucite handles as well.

After last weekends beer & hockey fest I was looking to stay a little more low key this weekend.
Yesterday, I slept in and then did a little yarn shopping for D's purse as well as the sweater I'll be making for my coworker. My cousins Holly & Meghan were here when I left and they wanted to go with me. They had fun fondling yarn and every time they found something soft & fuzzy they would come up begging me to make them a scarf out of it. Actually, they came up to me whispering for me to make them a scarf out of it. I finally asked Meghan "Why are you whispering?" and she told me "Its like a church in here. but for yarn." I like that comparison.
After taking the girls home, I came home and finished my bag.
Today I got started on D's bag and then went to see Brokeback Mountain. One of my coworkers had seen it last week and has been wanting to talk to me about it all week long so she told me that I had to see it this weekend.
The movie was fantastic. Usually when theres a lot of "hype" over a film I go into it with high expectations and then walk out disappointed, then later on - like a couple of months or more later - if I see it on DVD I like the movie a lot more than when I saw it in the theaters. That was not the case tonight. Brokeback Mountain lives up to all of the acclaim that it has received.


Tara said...

I can't wait to see it!

Valerie said...

make me one!!!!!!! I can't afford the 25 different needles. :D lol

Vanessa said...

I can't wait to see it finished either!
I'll be felting it tonight when I do some laundry. I do still have to go get some handles for it though.
The needles ARE the most expensive part of this project! It calls for sizes 5, 8, 10.5, 13 & 15! Luckily, the only sizes I didnt have were the 5's and 13's.

carrie said...

the bag looks cute -- and i think the lucite handle is a good call. much sturdier!

Valerie said...

ugh, I fdon't have 5's or 10.5's cuz really why would someone be so cruel as to make a .5 needle. jeeezzzz

all my needles are circ's. I know you can knit straight on them but I find it difficult