Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tag. I'm It.

I've been tagged by Tara!
Four jobs you have held:

~ Telemarketer for Olan Mills Portrait Studio
~ Export Agent for a freight forwarding company
~ Photographer and Make Up Artist for Glamour Shots
~ Customer Service Representative for Fed Ex

Four places you have lived:

~ Citrus Heights, California
~ Chelsea, Massachusetts
~ Malden, Massachusetts
~ Citrus Heights, California

Four vacations you have taken:
~ Disneyworld
~ Washington, D.C.
~ New York City

Four vehicles you have owned:

1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle
1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais
1993 Geo Prism
1995 Ford Explorer


jen said...

I totally had a 1993 Geo Prism, too! White. My very first car, I was 17.

I lived in Carmichael when I lived in Sacramento, but I remember all my ritzy friends lived in Citrus Heights.

Export agent sounds very glamorous.

kimananda said...

Hey, my grandparents lived for a time in Citrus Heights, so I've been there lots...though not since I was oh, about 10!

Tanya Kristine said...

Hi Vanessa...i'm in sacramento too! I live in tahoe park now...are you in citrus heights still?

Dagny said...

Vanessa, just had to check out your site after your restaurant recommendation on Jen's. The menu had me salivating.

My dad moved to the Sacto area when I was in college -- Greenhaven/Pocket to be exact. All these years later, I am still exploring the city.

Vanessa said...

Jen - my Geo Prism was white as well!
If you're ever in Sacramento you must go to The Slocum House, preferably during the spring or fall when its warm enough to sit outside in the back courtyard, but not the broiling heat of Sacramento summers.
Export Agent really wasnt all that glamorous - basically making sure all of the needed documents are together for shipments to go through customs and hanging out on the loading docks verifying that all of the documents are with the appropriate shipments. The worst part of it was that Friday nights were the busiest day of the week, sometimes I wouldnt get off work until 1 or 2 am.

Kim - it really is a small world! Citrus Heights has changed A LOT since you were last here. It used to be fairly rural, down the street from my house there was a farm that had sheep and goats, and was pretty and green. Now, its a strip mall with a Walgreens and a gym. In some ways, its very convenient for there to have been so much growth here but at the same time I miss how it was when I was a kid.

Tanya - I do still live in Citrus Heights! Its suprising how close you are!

Dagny - next time you're in the area visiting your dad, talk him into taking you there for dinner or at least brunch. Usually when I go its for the brunch since the price is reasonable and the food is amazing. Just make reservations, it can get crowded. Also, they increase the price for brunch quite a bit for Mothers and Fathers Day weekends so you may want to avoid those days.

GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

Hey, I live right next door to Malden Mass...When did you live there?

Glitterglamgirl (at) gmail (dot) com