Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm back from San Francisco

The trip was great, but much too short.
Saturday morning I boarded Amtrak in Roseville headed for Richmond, where I would travel to a Bart train in to Civic Center San Francisco. I was prepared for a long ride, I'd brought along my laptop, ipod, journal and knitting.
Halfway between Roseville and Sacramento the train stops. We spend an hour stuck behind a couple of freight trains. But, I didnt mind the wait since I'd planned on having to entertain myself for those couple of hours. I was listening to my ipod with the earbuds in. When someones wearing headphones, isn't that the universal symbol to leave them alone? This did not stop nearly every person that walked by from stopping to tell me that we were stuck behind a couple of freight trains and would be there for a while. Oh well, they were all well intentioned right?
Once I arrived in SF Erin, Jeremy and I went to GREAT cafe in North Beach. Eguna Basque at the corner of Union and Powell. Wonderful cappucinos and amazing croque monsieur. After lunch we walked to Union Square where I did a little shopping at Lush. LOVE LUSH. The soaps and bath bombs are so cool. Theyre pretty and they smell wonderful. Some of their items can be a little pricey, but theyre so neat! I got the Arabian Nights henna hair conditioner, Coal Face soap, and a lavendar bath bomb. I can't wait to use the bath bomb.
By the time we got back to E&J's apartment we had enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee before getting ready for the Broadway sing along. We made it to the church in time for the cocktail hour, and met some interesting people at our dinner table, and had a great time at the sing along. Many of the congregants are from eastern europe so we had a few soloists performing czech operas as well as more current broadway standards and for the group sing along the majority of the selections were Rogers & Hammerstein so we got to sing a lot of South Pacific and The King and I. We had a great time.

Erin and Jeremy at dinner.

Erin and I at dinner.
After dinner, we met up with some friends who were also visiting from Sacramento for a few drinks then called it a night.

Sunday Erins parents joined us for lunch. We ate in Chinatown, then walked around North Beach and had more cappucinos at Cafe Trieste, sat out on the sidewalk and just enjoyed the evening before I headed back towards Sacramento.
I do love the city, and Erin and Jeremy have been heavily petitioning me to move there. As it happens, the city controllers office does have a position posted for a payroll clerk and tomorrow is the deadline to apply. I really think I'm going to send in my resume.


carrie said...

glad you had a nice weekend! i say send in the resume. who knows?

Jana said...

i love san fran too! only been there once. they have a sephora so i am all over that....i love irish coffees and crab omeletes at the buena vista cafe ( where the irish coffee was invented! ) super strong i must say:) i didnt know that Lush was in the states now. it was only up here for the longest time:) i love their bath bombs!