Saturday, May 13, 2006

I'd give Martha Stewart a heart attack....

So, ummmmm....
I've never claimed to be the tidiest person.
Even at my best, I am definitely what you would call "unorganized".
Lets just say that my family, ever so lovingly, refers to me as "Messy Nessie" and theres a reason I've never posted any photos of the interior of my home.

However, this takes the cake.
Two years ago I took my younger cousin Holly to a national karate tournament in New Orleans. She won 1st place in sparring (and got a HUGE trophy) and 3rd place in forms (with a second, smaller trophy).
While there, I also may have purchased two or ten packets of Pat O'Briens Hurricane Mix (just add rum!).
When packing for the return trip home, what to do with Hollys gigantic trophy posed a bit of a dilema. I figured that the best thing to do was to take it apart and put it in my largest suitcase - the top tier came off easily and allowed it to fit in the suitcase. In that same suitcase I also put some clothing to protect the tophies, a few miscellaneous souvenirs, some boxes of beignet mix from Cafe du Monde, and the many packets of hurricane mix.
After checking in for our flight home, my largest suitcase was randomly selected for security screening. My bags are ALWAYS randomly selected for security screenings. I'm not kidding. Every time I have flown in the past 5 years, I arrive at my destination to find that little note from the NTSA in my bag letting me know that theyve opened it up and gone through it.
We get home and open up that large suitcase so that we could show off Hollys trophy and when thhe NTSA repacked it, they had not placed the clothing around the sharp edges of the trophy as I originally had. As a result, the sharp corners of the trophy had punctured a couple of the packets of hurricane mix. My suitcase was filled with sticky sugary powdery gunk.
I took the clothing out, and washed it. Washed the trophy and other souvenirs, but its possible that I didn't clean out the suitcase. Its very likely that I may have said "Ugh, I don't want to clean that sticky mess now. I'll clean that out later when I've rested from my trip" and then zipped it up and put it into the back of a closet and forgotten about it. Until now.
Normally, when I travel up to Oregon to visit Granny I use my medium sized suitcase. This gives me more than enough room for my clothing & what not for the 4-5 days that I'm there and plenty of room for anything that I may pick up while I'm there.
In preparing for my trip to Ireland (in only FIVE days!!!!!) I got to thinking of how to pack lightly so that I'm not taking a TON of clothing and shoes, and have plenty of room for all of the things I'll be bringing back. Then I thought "Don't I have a larger suitcase?" then I remembered the Pat O'Briens Hurricane Mix.
So, tomorrow I'll be opening up the suitcase to clean it out. Hopefully, it comes out easily. I really don't want to have to go buy a new suitcase right now.

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Valerie said...

OMGGGGG, I hope it's not a sticky molded mess. LOL grosssssss