Saturday, April 29, 2006

Resuming an old hobby....

Years ago, long before I discovered knitting, I was a cross-stitcher. I cross-stitched many pieces for friends and family, and if there was something I wanted to make, but couldn't find an appropriate pattern for, I would design my own pattern.
When my lovely cousin Erin got married, I wanted to make some throw pillows for her & her husband that had a celtic pattern on them. At the time leading up to their wedding, I could not find any celtic patterns anywhere. I was able to locate some 10x10 graphing paper (as opposed to the standard 4x4) and I procceeded to design 3 or 4 throw pillows for them. In the weeks leading up to Erins wedding day, I would work on the pillows at work and at night, and help with the planning of her wedding in the afternoons and weekends. They turned out nicely, were backed with velvet and trimmed with coordinating ribbon. Erin and Jeremy loved them and kept them on their sofa. Where they were much loved by the cats. A little too much - none of them still exist.
Somewhere between "Erins wedding pillows" and last year, I forgot my love of cross-stitch. Although I still have about eleventy billion pattern books, an organizer full of thread, and various pieces of aida fabric, I think Erins pillows were the last item I made. I may have made something after those, but I'm not certain.
About a month or two ago a local cross-stitch shop announced that it was going out of business. It was the same shop I used to go to when I was a cross-stitching fiend. In recent years with the trend in knitting, it had also expanded to include a minimal amount of knitting supplies - a few shelves of yarn, a couple racks of pattern books, and needles. I figured that with them going out of business, I would stop by and see what kind of clearance knitting items I could find.
I did find some great deals on knitting items. Everything was 60% off and I was able to find some needles and 3 random skeins of yarn that I have no idea what I'll use them for. But, the best finds?
counted cross-stitch patterns. I found my family crest as well as the crest for one of my friends - in both her maiden and married names. So, it seems as though I may be taking up cross-stitch again. I'm not sure when I'll get to this as I have a plethora of projects that are currently in the works, but the ones for my friend are on my to do list. The one for myself? I'm not sure of when I'll get that one done. I aways seem to put off making items for myself and work on those that are for others first.


kimananda said...

I look forward to seeing your cross-stitch creations. I'm sure they'll turn out as well as your knitting. And I know what you mean about doing items for others first...right now, I'm doing a cross-stitch piece (an HC Andersen sampler) for me, and it's so strange thinking that when I'm done with it, I'll be keeping it. And I feel I almost have to force myself to do it, even though I'm really excited by the design, the linen, the threads (my first time using flower thread instead of DMC), everything.

Valerie said...

yahooooo, 60% off??? I love those days!!!

Love the green blog. I bought a green dress lastnight. I feel like Kermit the Frog. But it's gorgeous.

Vanessa said...

I think in all my years of knitting, crochet and cross stitch I have only kept TWO items for myself!

I love green, it is one of my favorite colors and with my upcoming trip to "The Emerald Isle" I though it was an appropriate color theme.

Shananigans said...

I can't finish any crafty projects these days. Stupid gym and dog and TiVo are taking up all my leisure time. I love the green blog! Such a soothing color. Look forward to seeing your completed cross stitch projects, I used to make cross stitch ornaments every Christmas.

Tanya Kristine said...

i just cannot relate. the only craft hobby i have is sewing up holes.