Saturday, September 17, 2005

getting back on track.

2 years ago I had joined Weight Watchers. I followed the plan for about 10 months and lost 60 lbs - and by "followed the plan" I mean I cheated like Newt Gingrich did to his wife at Christmas, Thanksgiving and a couple of other similar occaisions. I was doing fairly well, following the plan, I had started going to the gym. I was trying to be healthier. Yes, I was still smoking and drinking occaisionally, but I was eating less and moving more. This was good progress. And I had 2 great sources of support - my lovely cousin Erin and my dearest friend Caren.
Then, it happened.
A little over a year ago I got my 3 younger cousins to take care of while my aunt got her life straightened out.
I went from being single with no children to having 3 of them ages 4, 12 & 13. All of a sudden I couldnt even go to my Saturday morning WW meetings because I couldnt leave the girls at home alone without supervision for one hour to go to a WW meeting and I wasnt about to haul all 3 of them with me. I thought I could still follow WW on my own.
I had to shuttle them between karate, gymnastics, band practice and performances, daycare as well as my own job that can be very demanding and require overtime and weekends at times. I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities. I'd be picking them up from whatever function one of them had that night and at some point a voice would pipe up and say "Nessie, we're hungry"
What? You mean in addition to driving you everywhere, helping you with homework and doing laundry I have to FEED you as well?
Drive throughs and pizza delivery became more and more convenient.
I can't exactly pinpoint it and I haven't figured out the algorithm yet, but I do believe that there is a correlation between the convenience of drive throughs and pizza delivery to the voluminosity of ones ass.
I've gained back probably 40 of the 60 lbs that I had lost.
It's so depressing.
But, I'm tired of being depressed about it and Saturday morning I am going back to WW.
I have reservations about going to a Saturday morning WW meeting. I'll most likely have had a drink or 2 the night before. Hell... I had 5 or 6 tonight. BUT, the last meeting on Saturday mornings.... the group is cool. At least, it was when I went there. I've thought about it and 11 am on saturday mornings you're going to have an interesting crowd. Based upon when I went previously, the super early morning meetings were not the groups that I could relate to. These were the types who woke up at the ass crack of dawn on a saturday morning to go jogging then go to the WW meeting. I do not understand these people. The others at the early morning meetings were old ladies who like to talk about their favorite types of flavored teas. I'm sorry. I LOVE tea, but I don't like to discuss teas for 30 minutes on a saturday morning while I'm half hung over. The 11 am group was fun. These were the men and women my own age who want to sleep in a little bit on a Saturday morning, show up in their jeans or sweats and t shirts and want to know the IMPORTANT information....
How many points are in an entire bottle of wine?
How many activity points can you get from sex?
I understand these people! I understand the curiosity of how many points you may have drank if you went to have one glass of wine with friends after work on Friday night and perhaps ended up having 2. Or 4.
I understand the desire to find alternate ways to earn activity points other than going to the gym for an hour or bicycling along the river. By the way, according to the leader at the meetings I went to, you don't get any activity points THAT way. No matter how you do it. So disappointing.
Anyways. I've grown tired of my constantly expanding ass. I've gone back up 2 jeans sizes and I REFUSE to go back to the size I was when I first joined WW 2 years ago. I am done. I have to do it for good this time.
And guess what.
I'll be telling you all about it the whole way through.
Every Saturday you'll get to hear about that mornings weigh in and meeting.
I'm thinking that this will keep me honest and keep me going if I'm putting it all out here at least once a week.


kimananda said...

Wow, you are brave. If I were to post regular updates on how I'm doing re: my vices...well, it would be fairly embarassing! But I know you can do it, and I look forward to hearing how it goes.

~drew emborsky~ said...

You can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

keep focused on living healthy and everything will fall into place - eat good and move your ass - we all know that's what it takes. keep it up.