Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Decade.

Tomorrow, July 10, marks ten years at my current job. I must say that I'm a bit dumbfounded. I can not believe that I have been with this company for a decade.

When I started this job, I truly felt that I was in over my head. For the previous five years I had worked in call centers for a large shipping company. While I enjoyed the perks (free flights on the companies airplanes!) I had grown to really dislike my job. I basically dreaded going in to work every day. There was no challenge to it - other than not calling the woman who burst into tears, hyperventilating!, because her new cell phone would be delayed by a day a loser.
So, I posted my resume online and really didn't know what to expect from there.
I got a bunch of calls from temp agencies, which I had ZERO interest in.
After a few months I got a call from the company I know work for... a payroll company. Completely and entirely different from what I had been doing.
I went ahead with the interview, was interviewed twice on the same day by two different managers and both told me that the learning curve for this job was on average 18 months.
Psshh, I thought. They're just trying to scare off the slackers.
A few days later I got the call with the job offer. I started a couple of weeks later.
After four weeks of training here in town I had two weeks of training in the corporate offices back on the east coast and came back to work.

Some days it feels like I've been at this job for two years, others it feels like twenty.
Either way, I'm still a bit amazed that I've stuck through ten years there.


Jules Holden said...

Hi Vanessa,
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