Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home Office

I'm contemplating setting up a home office. Yes, we currently have a tv/computer room with the family desktop computer that everyone has access to, but I'm contemplating setting up one of my own. You see, I'm looking into somehow managing a work from home/telecommute option with my employer and if I succeed in doing this I will need a dedicated "work area" for my work computer and printer and everything that goes along with it. A set up that wouldn't be for the use of anyone who comes over.
Of course, this requires some window shopping for a desk, file cabinet, book case, etc. Granted, I recognize that this is all my dream set up. Ideal for if I had a couple of extra buckets of cash at my disposal and no need to be mindful of a budget for all of this furniture and decor. I looked at various office collections; desks, file cabinets, bookshelves and printer stands. Ultimately I found this office that summarized what I would like almost to the last detail - the only exception being that I would prefer the desk and shelving and whatnot to be in black rather than white - greater contrast against the walls.

Doesn't it look lovely? Wouldn't that be a beautiful office to work in every day?
In all actually, I won't orchestrate a set up like this one. I'm sure that I'll end up repurposing existing furniture and I doubt that I'll be redecorating the walls with the bright colors and floral motifs like the office above, but if I'm able to orchestrate a scenario in which I can work from home I will make the set up as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

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