Saturday, August 06, 2005


Tomorrow my cousin Erin & her husband Jeremy are moving to San Francisco so that Erin can begin law school at UC Hastings.
While I am so excited for Erin, and proud of her for getting into a competitive school, I am very sad that she'll be moving.
While Erin and I are cousins, we're just a year apart and were raised together like sisters and spent a lot of time with our grandparents and great-grandparents. When I was 5 and Erin was 6, her parents moved to Fairfield which is about an hour away. We still saw each other every weekend. I always looked forward to the weekends so that I could see Erin and we could play. As we got older we didnt really play anymore but I still looked forward to the weekends when we would get together and experiment with makeup, our hair, and talk about boys. When Erin first went away to college at USC it was too far away to see her every weekend, but I looked forward to the care packages I would send every couple of weeks and the letters I would get in return.
6 years ago, when Erin and Jeremy married I was so honored to be the maid of honor at their wedding. To, walk up to the altar with them was an amazing honor. At the time, they both lived in Monterey and again I looked forward to visiting them on the weekends. A year later I was ecstatic when they relocated to Sacramento - we had not lived in the same town for almost 20 years.
Erin - I'm going to miss Friday nights dinner & movie, meeting at the pub for a beer or two when one of us have had a shitty day, rushing over to your apartment for lunch when I've forgotten my wallet at home. Once again, I'll be looking forward to the weekends when I come to visit you and J in the city. While I'm sad that you're leaving Sacramento, I'm so happy for you and proud of everything that you've done and everything that you'll become. I'm thankful that I have you as my best friend, sister, and cousin all in one.


Valerie said...

If you come to visit her, let me know. I'm right here!!!!! =)

Erin said...

Hey, I didn't even realize you were keeping this blog up until last week! It's all so sweet, except now we can do new stuff!!