Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Just you wait.......

I had a full weekend.
I spent it at my Aunt Marla & Uncle Mikes house in Fairfield.
Friday night I went down and joined Aunt Marla and Uncle Mike along with my dear cousin Erin and her husband Jeremy for a comedy club fundraiser for the local girls bobby sox softball team. The show was okay - not the funniest I've heard, but okay.
Saturday morning my younger cousin Meghan and I went into San Francisco to do a little birthday shopping for Erin. I picked up a couple of little things for her at Sephora to pair together with some necklaces that I'd made her.
That night we had a family dinner party to celebrate Erins 30th birthday, Grandma drove down to join us - it was a nice little gathering, just a quiet evening with the family. Then Sunday we just hung out, playing Scrabble online.

However, be prepared for an upcoming picture palooza. I have taken photos of each of the necklaces that I made for Erin along with photos of Miss Molluy's puppies. Miss Molly is my Uncle Mikes sweet sweet puppy, and her babies are so adorable! The chunkiest of which, Jennifer, will be my Grandmas new baby in about 8 weeks. I'll also have photos of my most recently completed crochet projects... 2 hobo tote bags and a crusher hat with matching scarf.
I still don't have a USB cord for my digital camera. i've been to Best Buy but they don't have one that fits my camera. This is not going to be an easy fix. I'm still hoping that I'll find my original cord, but so far, no luck.
But when I do get a USB cord, watch out! I'll be taking pictures of EVERYTHING!!!!!

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