Saturday, June 04, 2005

Pets, suds & performances....

Inspired by some other bloggers, I feel compelled to post my darling furbabies.
First, we have my kitty Roxie. Roxie was a feral that was rescued mb a coworker of mine when she was about 4 months old. She was a bit skittish and untrusting when I first got her a year and a half ago, but she's a total sweetheart now.

This is my good side...
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unless she's decided that you're wasting precious time by taking pictures when you could be feeding her instead....

And this is my sweet puppy Madeleine, or Maddy for short. Maddy is only 3 and a half months old and she loves Roxie. Roxie mothers her by grooming her and keeping her in check when she misbehaves.

Now, on to my day.
Work... well, it kinda sucked. We've lost 5 people in the last month so things aren't exactly going smoothly.
I planned on stopping off at the Brit pub I occaisionally frequent for a beer after work - my dear cousin Erin is a barmaid there, so I know I can count on a perfectly poured black & tan or a pint of Stella, filled to the rim, whichever my mood calls for.
However, at about 4:40 my dad calls. First he's inviting me to pizza with my, his girlfriend, my brother, my mom & her husband. Sounds good. i'm thinking, okay, I can stop in the pub to visit Erin and enjoy a beer while apologizing to Megan & Kelly for making a drunken fool of myself at Megans birthday and then head over for pizza with the family. After we've been chit-chatting for about 5 minutes, dad throws a bit of a wrench in those plans... but a good one.
Knowing that I was in theater in high school and that I LOVE broadway musicals he very nonchalantly says (not asks) "You wouldn't want 2 tickets to see The Lion King tonight, would you."
W H A T ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
The hottest show in town???
So, by this time I had 10 minutes to call his friend and make arrangements to have the tickets held for me at will call.
Normally when I am presented with 2 tickets to a function my first reaction is to take Erin. however, erin was tending bar this evening. So, knowing that my little cousin Meghan has been wanting to see this as well, I call her and tell her to be ready when I get home and to dress nicely.

Not pertinent to this evenings, but I passed this on my way home.
The white stuff?
Soap suds.
I'd estimate that this fountain gets soaped at least once a month during the summer.

a soaped fountain
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Here we are about to leave for the show. Ummm, yeah. Both of my chins and I are going back to the gym & eating better starting this weekend, but thats a whole other post.

See Meghan, skirts DON'T cause you any physical pain...

Here we're on our way downtown.. and Meghan is getting just a bit frustrated that I won't tell her where we're going.

So, she starts trying to guess where we're going. I think one of her best guesses was that we were going to a wedding.

We stop at McDonalds (hey, the diet/gym thing starts this WEEKEND, not tonight) to grab something quick before the show, so she now knows that we wont be eating wherever it is that we're going....

As we get closer to the Community Center, which happens to be across the street from the State Capitol, she asks if we're going to see the governor. HUH?? I would NOT have us dress up and rush downtown to go see Ahhnold. finally, as we drive past the community center and she sees the 20 foot tall sign for The Lion King she guesses it.

The show was FANTASTIC. Makes me want to go to the theatre more often. Meghan loved it as well, and now she wants us to go to the theater more often. I think its great when you can get a 13 year old to want to go see plays and musicals. I think that does so much for their appreciation of culture. Aunt Marla and Uncle Mike... THANK YOU for taking me to the symphony and theatre when I was younger.
As much as she enjoyed the show, she did not enjoy wearing a skirt or heels.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first night wearing a skirt and heels. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it, but I promise it gets better when you're used to it. Heels especially hurt less and less if you wear them regularly. And as for those marks on your feet, I say they just add a bit of colour :-)