Monday, October 04, 2010

Bringing Crafty Back.... or maybe just thinking about it.

In the last year I've lost my craft groove.
I used to come home from work and after I'd fixed dinner and did the dishes, I'd sit back and knit or crochet while watching TV or a movie.
Lately I've been wasting time on facebook instead.
In some ways I miss it - I miss producing things to give as gifts to the people dear to me. However, my bank account doesn't miss is since I used to spend WAY WAY WAY to much money on yarn and other crafty accouterments.
Some recent projects on Knitty have caught my eye though and may inspire a bit of a return to the needles.

I love these sweaters, the first one especially, and can picture myself wearing each of them. I'm wondering if I could finish one in time for my upcoming trip to Italy. Doubtful, but possibly worth a try.

These scarves and hat are pretty cute... and a lot more likely to be accomplished in time for my trip.

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