Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Long and the Short Of It....

The SHORT answer, Kylee is perfectly fine.

Just like the day she was born. Innocent, and lovely.

The LONG answer:

A neurologist took a look at her MRI's. He doesn't think she has cerebral palsy. He said that it can be common for premies (Kylee was born at 36 weeks) to have spots of white matter on their brain that show in an MRI, but while it is still within the realm of possibility, he doesn't think Kylee has CP. TO rule it out beyond a reasonable doubt would involve subjecting Kylee to a battery of tests and procedures that could span the next couple of months and that IF, if, she did have Cp it is the mildest form possible and that since CP is not a progressive disease she would never experience any manifestations of the disease and that there is nothing to be concerned about.
My sister has opted to not subject Kylee to any further testing at this point, accepting the doctors diagnosis.
It does make sense, my rational mind tells me that any symptoms of CP would have shown by now, that my niece is wonderful and amazing and glorious.
My paranoid, anxiety ridden, pessimistic, hypochondriac side will be watching my niece for the next 5 years and personally dragging her back to the neurologists if the littlest symptom of a symptom presents itself.

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