Friday, September 29, 2006


A short while ago I was contemplating over which sweater from the new issue of to make.
I'll have you know that I reached my decision and am making...


last week I purchased the yarn and it arrived in the mail yesterday. I'll post pictures of the yarn later, when I've had the chance to photograph it in natural light.
Also, the Top Secret Project.... just a little longer for photos of that. I still haven't sent it off to the intended recipient because I keep forgetting to take it in to work with me so that I can mail it off.

The sock is coming along well, I'm almost done with the foot and then will begin the decreases. I'm hoping to have it done by Saturday afternoon so that my cousin Erin can try it on before I start the second one. I'm hoping to start the second one by Sunday afternoon, when I will be sitting in my favorite knitting spot, the pub, enjoying a pint and fingering weight superwash wool sock yarn.

I want to get these socks done, for two reasons.
First, so that Erin can have some supercool hand knit socks.
Second, so that I can start on Viveka. In all of the years that I've been crocheting, and more recently, knitting, I have only made two items for myself. About 8 years ago I crocheted a queen size bedspread out of kitchen cotton. This may sound like an odd fiber choice for a bedspread, but I'd made a dishcloth with it and the texture vaguely reminded me of the cotton chenile bedspreads by great-grandmother used to have when I was a kid. I immediately had to have a throw or afghan made out of it, and of course I went over the top and made a queen sized bedspread. It took FOREVER, and MANY full sized cones of white kitchen cotton.
The second item I made was the very first felted hand bag that I made bacck in January.
Everything else I've ever made has always been for someone else - either as a gift, or for commission, or for charity. I don't regret making the majority for everyone else, but it is most definitely time that I make a pretty wool sweater for myself.


Shauna said...

If it affects your shipping plans in any way, I'll actually BE in Sacramento this Friday.

Vanessa said...

There is a slight possibility that that affects my shipping plans.

Vanessa said...

It may also change my desire to go to ZPies. I'm just sayin'.

Shauna said...

I'm already planning to go to ZPie on Saturday for lunch. Friday night dinner is also planned already - BJ's. You wanna? For either or both.

carrie said...

woman, you need to knit for yourself! c'mon! be selfish!

and i just saw your scrolling marquis post. so sad, yet so funny.