Friday, September 01, 2006

Day One

on the Nicorette.

Today wasn't too bad. I had one brief moment of anxiety this morning as I got in my car for my commute in to work and realized that I wouldn't be smoking in the car on my way to work this morning. I popped a piece of Nicorette in and worked my way through it.
After that, the day wasn't too hard. I made it through work okay, on my breaks rather than go outside with the other smokers, I sat at my desk and knit or surfed the internet.
I'm not using the Nicorette as much as I am other gums and mints. I've stocked my purse with the following:
Trident White Cinnamon Tingle Gum
Clorets Gum
Trident White Wintergreen Gum
Life Savers Orange Mints
Life Savers Sweet Mints
Ice Breakers dual pack Tangerine mints & gum (left at my desk)

I'm using the cinnamon gum more than anything else. The Nicorette bothers my stomach a little, so I've only had 4 pieces today even though the instructions say that for the first 6 weeks I should have a piece every 1-2 hours.

So for my commute home I was fine. No anxiety about not smoking during my commute, I did fine until I got home.

Having a cigarette and a cup of coffee with my grandma is something we do when I get home from work every day. This evening I did falter and had 2 cigarettes. I'm not going to let that be a sign of failure and lapse back in to my pack a day habit. 2 cigarettes in one day is much much better than 20.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap that's a lot of gum! Seriously, this is an awesome thing you're doing, and amazingly difficult too I would think.

You go girl.

CoolestWifeEver said...

I'm glad that you're not going to let those 2 cigarettes stop you from your goal. Once you realize what your really tough triggers are, you can figure out ways to get through them. Maybe you could talk to your grandma and come up with a new tradition to do when you get home from work. That way, you're still spending the quality time together, but you're not doing something that will detract you from your goals.

Tara said...

Happy belated birthday, and congrats on the quitting.
I used a lot of baby teething chew toys to help me, lol. I got odd looks, but it helped.

Valerie said...

Good for you. Keep up the good work. 2 a day will turn into 1 a day and then to 0 a day. You're doing good.

carrie said...

first of all, happy happy birthday! welcome to 30! it ain't all bad, right?

second of all, congratulations on deciding to quit smoking. i'm glad you aren't letting a hiccup like two cigarettes deter you. you're adding years to your life, and i really admire you!