Monday, July 24, 2006

random thoughts

Its nearly 1 am and still 86 degrees outside, but with the 46% humidity it feels more like 90. We aren't supposed to get this kind of humidity in Sacramento. We're supposed to have that infamous "dry heat" and the humidity is worse. it makes the air weigh heavy upon you, coating your entire body with a layer of perspiration simply from stepping outside.
I'm in my bedroom and can hear the dogs getting in and out of their wading pool outside my window. I wish we still had a pool. I'd be floating in it right now if we did.
Mental note: next year, take an Alaskan cruise in July.

I'm thinking of going blonde. I'm not sure why. Maybe not completely blonde, just lots of highlights woven in.

I'm getting a toothache.
Must go to the dentist soon.

Lambtown is in Dixon next weekend and it's also one of my friends birthdays. She also happens to knit. We're looking forward to going and perusing the handspun yarns available.

I'm STILL considering getting a new, used, car. However, fuel efficiency is becoming more and more of a factor in my decision. I'm currently thinking of a Toyota Camry.

33 days until I turn 30. No festivities are planned. I'm not sure if I want a big celebration or just a quiet evening at the pub with my close friends.

Must clean my room. I have way too much crap. But, where do I start?

Need to organize my yarn. Should this be done by weight? Color? Fiber content?

My beading supplies are a mess as well.

I have some laceweight alpaca yarn. Its been sitting in my stash for several months and I have no idea of what to do with it. Perhaps a lacey scarf for this fall? Should I follow a pattern or try to design one myself? I do like the design process but don't have much experience with knitting lace.

I was at a friends housewarming party Saturday night and seeing the paintings she has done made me realize how much I miss painting. I'm thinking of taking it up again and possibly taking a class either at the local community college or at the Learning Exchange.

I wonder if grandma would let me turn the spare room into a studio, both for knitting and painting. Hell, crafts in general. A craft studio. I would love that. I'd definitely have to get some shelves from IKEA.

I want a new bed. I've had my eye on the Noresund at IKEA for a while now and while I was there Friday night I saw that they've marked the price down to $194. It's tempting. I could also use a new mattress.

Its past 1 am. i need to get up for work in 5 hours. Why do the weekends always have to go by so quickly?


Tara said...

Ohhh. I like that bed. We bought an IKEA bed four years ago, along with one of those "bowling ball" mattresses. Best purchase we ever made. We don't even let company sleep in our bed, lol.

Shananigans said...

We need a new bed too, but I’m feeling the moving itch again so there’s no sense in making major furniture purchases when we’d just be forced to sell or lug them across the country in a year or so.

I need to start a baby blanket, I’m thinking crochet rather than knit. Do you have any easy patterns you’d recommend for a beginner?

Hope you’re getting some sleep despite the heat!

Tanya Kristine said...

i hear ya. and two days is just obscene. we need minimum 3 days off.

if you go to the pub, let me knooooow!!!!

carrie said...

i say -- go blonde, go to the dentist and have a big 30th birthday party!

kimananda said...

Thanks for this makes me feel that I can catch up with what I've missed even though I haven't been by in a while. And, if you go blonde, don't forget the pics!

Kody said...

did you know THIS post was in the sacbee on sunday????

Kody said...'s tanya...i'm logged in as my dog.