Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lamb Town, U.S.A.

Friends and I went to Lamb Town Saturday. Fun was had, garlic fries were consumed, and yarn was purchased. I'll have photos of the yarn up as soon as I have better lighting.
I don't know what kind of sheep this is, but he was so cute, and kept posing for me so I had to take a pic.


Shananigans said...

Mmmmm, garlic fries. What cute sheeps, I just want to pet them.

Abigale said...

I was there too! I bought loads of scrummy fibers, and a ball of sock yarn... I can't walk away from yarn without one ball of sock yarn somehow. I think I might have a problem!

Oh, and that second pic - that's an angora goat (where the mohairs come from).

Glad you had fun! I sure did :-)


Tara said...

I've never had garlic fries. Sounds yummy.
That's a very cute sheep friend you have there, lol.

Tanya Kristine said...

so frickin' cute. they got perms!

Maya said...

Yay Lambtown! Yay friends!