Friday, December 09, 2005

Procrastination Central...

So, I've been a little lax on the blogging lately.
I have been busy trying to prepare for the holidays. Note that I said
Since Christmas I have completed 2.5 scarves. The first one that I
completed needs to be shipped to my father in Boston before it gets so late that
I have to spend 3 times as much FedExing it to him. But, before I send
that off, I need to find something else for him. Problem? I have no clue
what to get him. He has everything he wants, and on top of that he lives on his
sailboat so space is limited. Any suggestions?
I was going to go to my first SNB this past Sunday morning. I was
invited to join the group last Friday night, and I got up Sunday morning, was running a little late to begin with, then traffic downtown was insane because of
the California Marathon. By the time I got to the part of town where the
SNB was being held, it was only about 20 minutes before it would be over and I
would have still had to look for parking. I'll drag my butt out of bed
earlier next Sunday and make it there on time.
Since I was unable to make the SNB Sunday I tried to do a little
Christmas shopping. I went into the stores and walked around but just could not
find anything I want to get for anyone. I have hardly any of my holiday
shopping done.
I have gotten my christmas cards and they are all addressed and just
waiting for personal notes in each one before they can be sent off. Theyve been
sitting on my dresser like this for a week and a half now.
Work - hasnt been too bad actually. I'm in the calm before the storm
though - January will be absolute madness. Tonight is our office holiday
party though, and tomorrow morning I've agreed to help do the year end
preparation training for the department I used to work for. The morning
after our office party I have to be here at 7 am and I have classes all
the way up to 2 pm. I havent prepared all of my handouts and exercises for
the class yet and I'm leaving work in 2.5 hours.


Shananigans said...

I am so off the hook with Christmas. Not like it’s usually a big deal anymore in my family now that there are very few kids around to get all excited about it, but I’ll be spending a quiet Christmas in LA. So all I have to do is send cards and a few gifts to the kids (who will like pretty much anything I get them) and that’s it. No fuss, no muss, no long hours of travel to the frozen tundra. Voila! Good luck with your shopping. I keep meaning to go to the local SNB in West Hollywood, but it’s on a weeknight which is hard for me most of the time.
I liked you MeMe post by the way. I enjoy singing showtunes in the car as well!

Tara said...

I'm totally stumped on what to get my mom. She buys everything she wants. Sigh. Parents.

kimananda said...

I always mean to do a lot more for Christmas than I end up doing, so I totally get the whole procrastination thing. Good luck with all of the knitting!

As for what to get someone with limited space, when I've been in that situation, I've always appreciated food items. They taste good, and more importantly, once eaten, they don't take up any space (well, except maybe on the hips, but lets not talk about that!)

Tanya Kristine said...

HEEEY...a sacramentan! finally!

i go read your blog now.