Thursday, November 19, 2009

Because I Really Need Another Hobby

I have too many hobbies. Knitting, crochet, beading, photography, cooking, baking, painting... I could go on and on.
I don't know why I have so many hobbies, I just decide to try something and then I jump in headfirst. Generally, I'll keep with it for a while and then put it down for anywhere from a month to a year while I move on to a new hobby, or revisit an old one.
For a couple years now I've been wanting to learn how to sew. The only reason I haven't is because I really do not need yet another hobby. Also, I do not need to accumulate the materials that go along with another hobby. I already have more yarn and beads than I know what to do with -- I don't have the shelf or drawer space that would be needed to accommodate the fabric, thread and notions that I know I would accumulate.
However, the desire to learn how to sew returned when I recently saw the following childrens clothing on Etsy.

So Not A Princess Dress

Evening Beauty Dress

Easter Delight Dress

They'd all be SO CUTE on my little niece!

Of course, I also found some pieces I found that I wouldn't mind making for myself.

Audrey Hepburn style circle skirt

Awesome Yoga Pants
-- I LOVE yoga pants

The Desi Dress

Another "Audrey" style circle skirt

Russian Doll Cashmere Coat

Geek Girl Hoodie
- I know, completely different from the above dresses and skirts

So, I'm contemplating learning to sew. I know that I could make any of these items for much less than what they are selling for - BUT, do I really need to take on another hobby?
I haven't done much in the way of knitting, crochet, or beading in a while so I'm wondering if the interest in taking on a new hobby is because I haven't been doing any of my current ones in so long.

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