Sunday, April 05, 2009

I Blame The Drugs

If this post makes no sense at all, blame the drugs.
I've been taking massive amounts of vicodin over the past couple of days due to a toothache. A horrible horrible horrible toothache.
I haven't just been taking vicodin, I've also been mixing it with large amounts of acetometaphin, and at times.... booze. Like this morning I drug myself out of bed to go to a friends bon voyage brunch before she leaves for Nepal tomorrow. There I had a couple of bloody marys... that made for one sweet sweet nap once I got home.
Why do I have such a horrible toothache? Because I'm a giant wuss and am afraid of the dentist. I will avoid the dentist at all cost. Yes, when an issue pops up I am aware that if I went in and had the issue addressed right then, it wouldn't be too big of an issue and that if I put it off its only going to progress into something horrible. Like what I have right now. But, I put it off because to me, a trip to the dentist is an awful experience, rife with pain and blood and lectures about brushing and flossing. So, I put off the needed dental appointment until it is a self fulfilling prophecy in which I am in pain like I am now.
So, there you have it. I am phobic about going to the dentist. I'm sure theres a technical term for this condition, but for now I'm just going to call it "hurts-my-teeth-achondria" or "pain-in-my-mouth-aphobia" or maybe "ouch-my-tooth-aphobic" or even "don't-put-that-in-my-mouth-achondriac". Actually, I'm thinking that last one could apply to a lot more than just a fear of the dentist.
The only thing that I didn't factor in to my phobia surrounding the dentist is the 12+ year old black lab lying at my feet and farting like I have right now.
Over the past 2 days I've been neglecting my doggy babies. Since I got home from work Friday, my routine has been this:
take vicodin, let the dogs out, sleep, take vicodin, let the dogs in, sleep, take vicodin, sleep, take vicodin, eat something, sleep, take vicodin, let the dogs in, sleep... you get the gist.
Sam and Cooper are feeling a bit neglected. Coopers being more vocal about it, sitting here next to me saying "arawwrrawawarr" which we all knows translates to "pet me and give me pup-peronis, NOW PLEASE!"
So, now I have a dilema. I'm low on vicodin - I have enough to get me through tonight and possibly through tomorrow. My mom went to refill my prescription... a prescription that was given to me for a different ailment last summer. The pharmacy said that they can't refill my prescription because the original prescription was given to me over a year ago. This is not true. I just dug out the other prescription that was given to me at the same time and I got it last July. Do I go back to the pharmacy myself in my ratty pajamas and unkempt hair and smelly unshowered self and argue with them, or do I just make do with what I have until my dentist appointment Tuesday morning?

Also, I've been using this Toothache Kit

It works okay, takes the edge off of the pain. I think that if I were dealing with your typical cavity pain that this would work perfectly. However, since I think I'm dealing with root canal pain it just takes the edge off - takes it down a couple notches to a dull pain.
The drawback, it tastes like death. Death with a slight clove like aftertaste.

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