Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What the....?????

So, imagine this:
You're driving home from work, on one of the busiest streets in the area and a couple of cars ahead, you could swear that you see an airplane.
HUH? Yes, you ARE on the way to the optometrist to pick up your new glasses, but your visions not THAT bad. So you speed up a little, because you have to see if there really IS an airplane on the road.
And sure enough, there is:

Yes, the wings have been removed and it is being towed buy an SUV, but still! Theres a freaking plane on Sunrise Blvd!

Of course, this had to be the day that I pull out my real camera and the battery is completely dead but I was able to grab these pics with my cell phone.

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Shauna said...

Ha! That's awesome! Once when my mom and I were driving around the neighborhood over by the Cameron Park airport, a plane came down the street RIGHT at us! Luckily there were signs everywhere that said "yield to planes" so we knew what to do. ;)