Thursday, May 03, 2007


Saturday is my sisters baby shower and I have a lot of prep work to do. A lot. Theres going to be up to 40 people there and my sister wants the menu theme to be "miniatures". So, I'll be making finger sandwiches, hors d'ouerves, cupcakes, and petit-fours.

To start with, I have about 65 recipes to go through and narrow down the menu for the occaision. Today, Friday, after work I have to do all of the grocery shopping and at least make the cupcakes and petit-fours so that I dont have to do EVERYTHING Saturday morning.

Tonight, I start with narrowing down the menu...

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Shananigans said...

Sounds cute! These pink lemonade cupcakes look like they’d be adorable for a baby shower. Whatever you make, take some pictures. I’m a sucker for food porn. ;)

BTW, your meme questions are over here in the comments on my blog.