Sunday, April 15, 2007

On the Flip Side...

This week we found out that my sister is having a girl. Wednesday night she was admitted to the High Risk Maternity Ward for mild toxemia and contractions. Everything is being brought under control and the docs dont think its anything life threatening for either one of them, but they do want to keep her in for a couple more days and are thinking my little niece will most likely come a couple of weeks early.
Last week I had not started a single project for the kid, but now I am overflowing with them. I've been crocheting the plaid afghan I mentioned last week and am over half way through the body of it - next I just have to decide what colors to weave through. I also have a crib quilt started - I went with Winnie the Pooh, its a classic and gender neutral - I'd picked it out before we found out that the baby is a girl.
Yesterday was when I went a little nuts.
A yarn shop down the street is closing so everything is on sale. I picked up some yarn.
Then a fabric shop is closing as well so everything theres on sale too. I got even more yarn, and some cross stitched bib kits, and then some yarn. At this point, I'll still be knitting and crocheting for the kid when she has her own kids.
This afternoon Sis called from the hospital bored to death and begging me to bring her something to do. I took her the cross stitch bib kits, hung out at the hospital with her for a bit, and then came home to watch The Amazing Race. I've been in since, working on the plaid baby afghan, only taking a brek to paint my nails, and write this entry. I am going to be hauling these projects everywhere for the next couple of weeks, I've got a lot to do in very short order.


Shananigans said...

You must be so flippin' excited to be an auntie! My fiancĂ©’s niece (soon to be my own!) informed df’s sister the other day that she likes her ok but I am the cool aunt. How awesome is that? ;) Good luck with all your projects, and thinking good thoughts for your sis and the little one.

Tanya Kristine said...

awww...what a good auntie you are and will be.

and it's a GIRL!!! i adore little girls..there's a reason asong was written just for them...