Sunday, December 24, 2006


I hope all of you are enjoying your holdiays with those that mean the most to you.

One thing about the holidays is that you often see family members that you don't have the pleasure of visiting with during other times of the year.

Last night I celebrated Christmas with my birth fathers side of the family. I only get to see some of these relatives once or twice a year. That can be a good thing. I had the following conversation with my aunt "C" (the wife of my youngest uncle) last night.

C: So, Vanessa, how old are you now?

Me: I just turned 30 this past August.

C: Ohhhhhhhhh. Thats not young.


Erin said...

you know, usually when people say something rude like that, it's because they are feeling a certain way and want to make you feel the same way.

Valerie said...

Young at heart is what counts most!

Merry Christmas sweetie!

Tara said...

That's TOTALLY young. Younger than me, anyway.

Have a great New Years!