Thursday, April 28, 2005

Yes, it is Nessacery

My family and friends call me many names.... Ness, Nessie, Nessa... bitch.
So, the name is a spin on words - Necessary... NESSAcery... hey, Miss Ness and LochNess were taken, so you're getting my cheesiest here.
Why am I starting my own blog???
Because my life is THAT entertaining.
I swear.
Or at least I can make it sound entertaining.
So, the question is.....
Is my life entertaining OR am I just a gifted story teller?

I'll invite my cousin-might-as-well-be-my-sister-best-friend Erin to my blog and we can get her opinions.....


Bluecrab said...

I hope you have better luck than me. I started, I think, three blogs and had the same results as whenever i started a diary... just fizzled out. Truly, the family is *interesting* enough to entertain, but where on earth will you start? See if you can get some pictures up on this puppy...

Vanessa said...

yes, I have hopes for this.
I'd started a Live Journal once, but that was mainly for keeping in touch with one of my friends from Boston - I still post on it occaisionally though - maybe once a month.
I dont care for the format of Live Journal anyways.